Giti Returns to Formula DRIFT USA Following Three Year Hiatus

Giti Returns to Formula DRIFT USA Following Three Year Hiatus

GT Radial is returning to Formula DRIFT, North America’s professional drifting competition, in 2020.

The brand has been in the US market for more than 25 years and proven to deliver quality, performance, durability and value. Furthermore, several GT Radial product lines are produced in the company’s newest manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Joining Formula Drift will allow GT Radial to demonstrate its engineering capabilities and product performances in the most extreme conditions for tires.

For its come back, three up-and-coming drivers officially joined the GT Radial Formula DRIFT team at the company’s South Carolina plant and witnessed first-hand the production of the GT Radial extreme performance SX2 RS tires they will be competing on.

Joining the GT Radial team for the 2020 series are:

• Travis Reeder, who was named Rookie of the Year in Formula DRIFT Pro2 competition in 2017 and won that series in 2018. He was named 2019 Rookie of the Year in the Formula DRIFT PRO Series and is a drift school instructor.

• Ryan Litteral, whose team is based in Atlanta, was named Most Improved Driver in 2019 Formula DRIFT PRO Series competition. He is considered as one of the fan favorite. His consistency, aggression and unwavering commitment gained him much respect in the drifting community.

• Kazuya Taguchi, who has been drifting for 10 years and competed in the Formula DRIFT PRO Series for the past two years. He has shown great potential to excel in the drifting scene.

“We’re excited about returning to Formula DRIFT with these three dynamic drivers competing on our SX2 RS tires developed by our motorsports R&D team and manufactured here in South Carolina.” said Thomas Okihisa, director of marketing.

The competitions will take part over four main events containing two rounds each, including competitions in St. Louis, MO, Monroe, WA, Ft. Worth, TX, and Irwindale, CA.

This series allows Giti to showcase its involvement in top glassroots drifting action, and continue building a community of fans among automotive and drifting enthusiasts in the United States.

Formula DRIFT USA Schedule

St. Louis, Missouri: Sept 4-6
Monroe, Washington: Sept 25-27
Ft. Worth, Texas: Oct 16-18
Irwingdale, California: Nov 20-22

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