Tread Academy Upgrades<br> <br>

Tread Academy Upgrades<br>

The GT Radial Tread Academy GT Radial Tread Academy is expanding with the inclusion of new products in the certification curriculum and French translations for new content. The user interface has also been upgraded with improved graphics and new product photography.

Our new and improved graphics include intuitive highlights and bullet points that list major elements from the study materials. Photographs of the new products are shot from multiple orientations, providing users with a more complete view of different features on a tire.

New product information and supporting materials are also available in the certification modules. One-page sell sheets, produced by the Commercial marketing team, are available for download in PDF format. Key selling points are included to illustrate what fleet operators need to know about tire buying options and how these decisions may impact their bottom line.

Tread Academy provides dealers with all of the tools necessary to become knowledgeable brand ambassadors and strengthen their own sales. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge offered by the Tread Academy and get started on your next certification module now.

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