Wreford’s Transport

Established in 1904, Wrefords’s Transport is a UK company providing short and long term haulage, warehousing, supply chain logistics, full freight forwarding service, plus air, land, and sea exports and imports.

With a fleet of over 300 vehicles and trailers, Wrefords’s transport team is known for providing value, honesty, and good customer service to consumers throughout the UK. A proactive team is always ready to supply a range of Euroliners, trailers, and vehicles to cater to different needs.

“We fitted a set of GT659+ 295/80R22.5 onto the rear of a Daf CF85 Reg. No. KX56 ECE for evaluation. When removed, the GT Radial product returned an excess of 310,000 km. GT978+ 385/65R22.5 which was used on trailers also posted excellent results. When coupled with the good residual values on casings along with the reduction and control of our escalating fleet costs, the GT Radial product range is now an integral part of our tire procurement.”

Andy Wreford
Fleet Director

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