Ambrogio Transporti Spa - Italy

“Following the success of the test, I plan to increase the amount of semi-trailers with GT Radial tires.”

Ambrogio Trasporti Spa is an Italian firm with five tightly integrated companies in Europe, all active in intermodal transport. The company provides transport and technical infrastructure support to ensure efficient management of the intermodal network in block trains between several European countries. With more than 900 trailers operating in seven logistical sites throughout Europe, the company pays close attention to selecting tires that improve performance and minimize operating cost.

Following a two year tire testing program in which various GT Radial patterns were subjected to comparative testing across different vehicle types and wheel positions, the performance results approved the brand as a main supplier to the entire fleet. Since then, the Suffolk-based transport company has taken delivery of 10 Wilcox 70 cubic yard plank sided tipping trailers, all ordered with GT Radial GT876 tires as original equipment

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